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Password manager Keepass software & lastpass Browser plugin or use browser version

Remote ssh putty & mremoteng & virtualbox & SFTP filezilla

Network tools advanced-ip-scanner & wireshark & Continuous Speed Test+ IISCrypto

Coding html brackets software & Online tools ckeditor, playcode

Video vidmix online editor vtcutting & Image online pixlr & audio software Audacity

Remote PC access Realvnc & Teamviewer, Remote desktop connection, Quick assist

Windows files Search and Replace For Windows locate (

Ready Install and download all in one ninite / ninite ready


Malware/ virus/ adwcleaner/ gateway & spyhunter(use trial, manully remove from detailed report)


Domains N&G&io & Hosting digital&quickpacket for droplets access

WP main plugin redirects, updraftplus, File Manager, HTML, fail2ban , Simple, Forminator, Contact Form 7, custom cssjs, wpsmtp,Query Monitor

Redirect ice & split a/b links with rotatorlinks, appdrag

Live chat tawk, record openreplay+ detailed report and set rules+filters maxconv+bemob.

Visual site recording from Microsoft clarity & Analytics Visitor PostmediaAdHub detailed report

sharepoint Storage onedrive & mega Online sharing


ISOtools for OS balena, Rufus.

GranstreamFW Firmware, Raspberry / freepbx OS / BootcdOS(windows10) / Kodachi / Parrot

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